Sandy WS Lam, the founder of Audiopark, believes that art, materials, technology and philosophy are the branches of the same tree.


Her philosophy is that everything needs to have a design. Things are not designed; they look like a ragbag of materials. With a background in science, Cultural Study and manufacturing, while receiving education in Catholic school for seven years, Sandy is influenced by art, the oriental and western cultures, religion, and down-to-earth industry knowledge.

Our aim is to offer a balanced portfolio of accessories with fashion statement for smart media devices within the Technology roadmap.

Audiopark, was originally founded by Sandy WS Lam, of whom she has been influenced by Art, Oriental and Western cultures, religion and down to earth industry knowledge. With more than eight years in the industry, Audiopark International continues to provide exceptional product, sales, logistics and marketing solutions to the ever-changing smart gadget industry with proven success and continued commitment. Audiopark International is a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, innovative wearable accessories supplying a full line of products to a wide range of customer.