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About the Hearing Fitness Test APP:

The newly developed Hearing Fitness Test APP from Audiopark measures how the A8 Pure Tone Technology improves hearing function.  Founded on the industrial standard pure tone assessment (PTA). A8 Pure Tone Technology improves hearing function. Listening to music with the KOKO-10 A8 technology provides greater comfort listening pleasure compared with other brands in the market.

First put on an earpiece. Turn the volume level down by turning the knob until you are barely able to hear the beeping sound. The test will ping eight major points across the bandwidth from 250Hz, 1000 Hz, 4000Hz to 8000Hz on both ears. Then put on another set of earbuds. Repeat the same procedure. Audiopark Hearing Fitness Test will generate a color graph report. Review the results and become an Audiopark customer today. Better living with better sound.  Scan the QR code and download your Audiopark Hearing Fitness Test iPad application today. 


From Now On, “Hear The Sound Again” The New A8 Patented Earphones Arrive HK Control Frequency & Reduce Tinnitus

A Prefect Earphones Including Trends, Professional, Science & Technology

People Can Hear The Sound Again Audiopark joins hands with American audio master George Cardas the first time to create world-class masterpiece earphones KOKO-10 in 2017! This innovation not only delivers clean and well-balanced audiophile sound quality but also provides special care to hearing function; It is proven that the earphones reduce the chance of tinnitus and even improve hearing function, which makes listening to music a greater joy! The patented design of the earphones enables it to be transformed in fashion bracelet, necklace and hanging accessories.


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